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We’ll Have What She’s Having

March 11, 2020 Eve Simon & Sacha Cohen Season 1 Episode 6
GenX Stories
We’ll Have What She’s Having
Show Notes

Sugar cereal, the weird joy of carob, McDonald’s happy meals, The Silver Palate Cookbook, Ally Sheedy's Captain Crunch sandwich in The Breakfast Club, and early introductions to health food. Today's episode looks back at the food of our youth and how it shaped how we cook and eat today,

Plus, we chat with food writer Kristen Hartke about her childhood grilled cheese obsession, the organic food movement, TV chefs of the 70s and 80s, making her first birthday cake, and much more!


The 10 recipes that defined the 1980s

Foods 80s kids crave

Snacks of the 80s

Recipes of the 80s:

Woodstock birth year candies:

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